Studio Manager - Needed to Drive Growth at New Downtown Location Nashville, TN, 37203, Nashville Yards

Studio Manager - Needed to Drive Growth at New Downtown Location

Full Time • Nashville, TN, 37203, Nashville Yards
Do you have a zest for life and for fitness? For leading and winning with a strong sales team? For being in charge of the big picture as well as identifying areas for growth? If you’re nodding and smiling and all but shouting “YES!” then keep on reading, because an Orangetheory Fitness Studio Manager might be just the career for you.

We’re looking for someone who is driven as well as approachable. Who is entrepreneurial and willing to be held accountable.  Who can motivate a sales team and galvanize team members around a common goal. Who will look at everyone who enters the studio — members, employees, vendors, visitors — in the eye, call them by name, and make time for them.  Who listens. Who likes to stay fit and to have fun.

When sales goals are set, you surpass them. If something goes wrong, you get it fixed. If a member is celebrating her 20th class or his 65th birthday, you make sure they’re recognized.

Orangetheory has a feel like no other fitness venue. It is personal and close-knit; when members walk into a studio, they feel like they are coming home. Our workouts are backed by science, and that is what makes them unique and awe-inspiring.

If you want to take on what could be the most challenging, motivating, inspiring, and rewarding career move you could ever make, we want to hear from you. 

Having Orangetheory Fitness experience is a bonus, but we’re primarily looking for an experienced sales/operations manager with a proven track record in business growth. 

 Here’s more of what we’re looking for:
  • Autonomous and discerning decision maker 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Enthusiastic, energetic, personable, and friendly disposition
  • Passion for health and wellness
Specific job duties and selection requirements vary between Orangetheory studio locations and more details can be provided by the studio’s hiring manager if you are selected to move forward in the interview process.
Compensation: $55,000.00 - $75,000.00 per year

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Orangetheory values your privacy, so we want to keep you informed as to how your personal information is handled. With respect to the personal information you provided in this application, that information will be submitted directly to the independent franchisee, who is solely responsible for all privacy and data protection matters related to their studio. For any inquiries regarding how the independent franchisee may collect and process your personal information, please refer to that franchisee’s privacy policy or contact them directly. For all other information about how the franchisor, OTF Franchisor, LLC or any of its affiliates (OTFF), may collect and process personal information, please click here.

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Flexible Schedules
Workout for Free
Fitness casual dress-code
Passionate, collaborative work environment