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Sales Representative

Full Time • PARKER, CO, 80134, Parker
Are you passionate, positive, and can talk to anyone? Do you thrive on being part of a team? Does your zest for being part of a world-class growing fitness company get you out of bed with a smile and determination to change more lives -- physically, mentally, and emotionally? Do you have excellent communication skills, whether face-to-face or on paper? 

Sales Associate Position Responsibilities:
  • Greeting everyone who enters the studio with enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge
  • Presenting the OTF concept to any interested consumers, also known as “intros”
  • Working at our front desk which includes answering phones and talking to members among other tasks
  • Giving studio tours
  • Working hand-in-hand with trainers to guide intros through their first Orangetheory workout
  • Selling memberships to help the studio thrive
  • Following up on prospective clients
  • Handling members’ concerns in a professional and objective manner with the goal of resolution
  • Participating in marketing and outreach events
  • Ensuring all areas of the studio are kept clean and organized
Why Join Team Orangetheory?
We offer competitive compensation along with exceptional benefits such as:
  • Free workouts at More Life Ventures-owned studios
  • Healthcare Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision among many other supplemental benefits
  • Other Benefits: Life Insurance
  • Employee Discounts at Sister Business Restore Hyper Wellness
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holiday Pay
  • 401k Plan with Employer Contribution
  • Team Building, Employee Engagement activities and so much more
Compensation: Hourly + Commission
The compensation of hourly plus commission is typically in the range of $14 to $20/hour depending on your ability to sell, connect, close, and follow up.

Health Insurance:
We offer a Health Care plan for employees working on an average of 24+ hours per week or for coaches that are 16+ classes per week.   Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and 401K enrollment are offered and optional.
Unlimited Studio Use
While you are employed you may take an unlimited number of classes in the Applewood, Arvada, Parker, and Pine Bluffs studios.  An employee may never take the spot of a paying member.
Benefit value:  $179 x 12 = $2,148

Free Core Services at Restore Hyper Wellness 
While you are employed you will enjoy FREE unlimited Core services at our Restore Hyper Wellness stores in the Applewood, Arvada, Parker, and Pine Bluffs areas.   Google Restore Hyper Wellness to learn more.
Benefit value:  $169 x 12 = $2,028

One Plus Unlimited Studio Use
Any person your designate may have unlimited use at the 4 studios for the price of an Elite membership of $109.  This person may also use their first 8 sessions at any other Orangetheory Fitness as they have an active Basic membership.
Benefit value:  $70 x 12 = $840

Be fit. Change lives. Have fun.
If you mention fitness within moments of meeting someone...if you encourage friends and family to get off the couch and get active...if you know and enthusiastically share the importance of fitness as a part of a healthy lifestyle --  well, we just may want you to turn your passion for fitness into a paying career. We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals eager to share our story and our success with everyone who walks through that door or who calls for more information or who expresses even the slightest bit of interest in improving themselves. 

If you have a passion for fitness and would like to help us in our mission to spread More Life to our members and community, we would like to hear from YOU!

About Us
Orangetheory is a science-based, full-body workout that uses technology to measure performance so members can prove they are improving. In a 60-minute class, led by a highly trained and certified coach, members target at least twelve minutes in the Orange Zone to raise their heart rate and charge up metabolism. The result is an increase in calorie burn post-workout, backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). After twelve minutes of hard work in the Orange Zone, your body burns additional calories as you recover over the next 24 hours.

Our Philosophy
For us, physical fitness transcends weight loss and bikini season. Fitness is a way of life -- in fact, our brand's purpose is to help people live longer, more vibrant lives. When we help our members to put in the work at our studios, they will experience benefits in their day-to-day. They will be physically stronger, but beyond that, they will notice improvements in their mood, cognition, sleep, and overall happiness and quality of life. This workout actually changes your body at the cellular level and has been known to help members through disease, chronic illness, depression, and even heartbreak and the loss of loved ones. They’ll simply have the energy to play with their grandchildren, run a 5K, or go hiking. When we can help our members to take care of their bodies and mind, amazing things can happen. More Orangetheory, More LIFE.
Compensation: $15.00 - $20.00 per hour

Acknowledgement *

I understand that I am applying for a position with an employer that is an independently owned and operated Orangetheory® Fitness franchisee, not the franchisor, OTF Franchisor, LLC or any of its affiliates (OTFF). With respect to any position with a franchisee, I understand and agree that any information I provide in this application will be submitted directly to the independent franchisee, who is solely responsible for all employment related matters in their studio. This means, among other things, that the independent franchisee is solely responsible for and unilaterally makes all decisions concerning my employment, including hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, staffing and scheduling. OTFF will not receive a copy of my application, will have no control over whether I receive an interview and/or am ultimately hired, does not control and is not responsible for the employment policies and practices of independent franchisees, and does not employ independent franchisee’s employees. If I am hired to work at an independent franchisee’s studio, the independent franchisee, and not OTFF, will be my employer. By submitting my application and resume, I am confirming that I am agreeing and consenting to the foregoing.

Orangetheory values your privacy, so we want to keep you informed as to how your personal information is handled. With respect to the personal information you provided in this application, that information will be submitted directly to the independent franchisee, who is solely responsible for all privacy and data protection matters related to their studio. For any inquiries regarding how the independent franchisee may collect and process your personal information, please refer to that franchisee’s privacy policy or contact them directly. For all other information about how the franchisor, OTF Franchisor, LLC or any of its affiliates (OTFF), may collect and process personal information, please click here.

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Company Benefits & Perks

Benefits are very important to us. We are constantly looking for ways to increase our benefit package to attract and retain top candidates.

Flexible Schedules
Workout for Free
Fitness casual dress-code
Passionate, collaborative work environment